New classes every month, broken down into step-by-step guidelines to easily apply.


From focus to gratitude, habit setting to stillness, and so much more. You'll have access to core teachings that can be used in every area of life.


The ability to impose your will upon yourself.


A staple of any successful individual.


The ability to put discipline and focus to the best of their capabilities.

By properly planning ahead you'll be maximizing every single second of effort you put in


Learn how to flow through the task ahead of you without the usual chains of distraction.


No achievement will ever be enough if we don't learn to stop to appreciate it.

With "Paths of Progress", that won't be a problem.


Through the storms of life, it is required a calm mind to withstand a raging storm. Inside, you'll learn everything you need to know.


With a new class every other week, and new content every week, there is no better place to learn and implement stoicism.

With full video/written lessons and step-by-step guidelines to apply.

How Does It Work?

A new lesson every month + Full step-by-step guidelines for action + Weekly Q&A's






Every 2 weeks we are going to take a concept, which you get to choose, and provide you a full lesson, in video and in text, fully explaining the concept.

All based on research from the science we have nowadays combined with the timeless wisdom from the stoics.

There is nothing like it out there.

Without action, nothing moves forward.

That is why alongside your masterclass, you'll be receiving a full blueprint, both in video and in text, on how t go about implementing these concepts.

To finally go from reading to putting it into practice. To finally reap the rewards.

Topped with all of this, you'll still have the option to ask about anything that you need help with.

In these weekly Q&A's, we'll be replying to literally EVERY single question, so don't be shy in making yourself heard.


Our goal is to make sure as many of you can get access to this timeless wisdom, that's why, we made the prices extremely accessible, making sure that despite the current global situation, you can still invest in yourself.

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  • 1 New 
    Masterclass every month

  • Extended Written Masterclasses

  • Step-By-Step Application Guidelines w/ Every Class

  • Weekly Q&A's

  • Weekly Exclusive Articles

  • 4 Months Free!



When Paid Yearly


Who Am I?

My name is Gonçalo Hoshi and I'm the co-founder of Paths Of Meaning.

As someone who started out as what you would consider "below-average", through what I call a lucky break, I was able to find Stoicism, the advice that changed my life.

After years of studying, researching, and applying it, I've been able to transform myself into someone who is disciplined, organized, and in control of my own life.

This is the advice I now want to share with you.


José M.

It's one of the most awesome and powerful programs I have being part of, it helped me so much through the tough times where I was incapable of just get things done, but with the right mindset and focus you can achieve anything you want... make it, you will never regret it.

Dominique B.

Goncalo is the embodiment of stoic principles today. His teachings helped me gained focus, direction, calmness and leadership over my future.

Damian R.

Working with Paths of Meaning has proved effective for me because my focus was pretty faulty before I joined the mentorship program. The weekly classes and lessons still help me out even after the program has ended, and I will continue to use them to keep me on my path to my own success.

Jed T.

The program has helped me to not only stay on track but get back on track when I fall off. There’s been so much benefit in having someone keep me accountable.


Goncalo's methods of teaching infuse the right concepts and practices into a concise course that is granted to see results in whichever domain you seek, only if you are willing to work on and grow with the program.

Frequently asked questions

Who Is "Paths of Progress" For?

This platform is for all of those looking for lasting, long-term improvements to not only their health, wealth, and well-being, but above all, to who they are. Truth is, a lot of self-help nowadays is riddled with feel-good advice, increasingly focused only on the "motivation" side of things. Here, we are striving to go beyond that. To give you the startegies, rituals, and knowledge, top be able to stick with your pursuits long after the intial excitment is gone.

How Often Will I Get New Masterclasses?

Every 2 weeks you'll be receiving a completely new class on a new stoic teaching. Paired with the information, you will also receive in-depth guidelines on how to best apply this to your life. On top of this, we host regular Q&A's where, quite literally, every question gets answered.

Where Can I Ask My Questions For The Q&A?

Inside there is a specific section regarding each lesson where everyone can ask. Every question gets answered. On top of this, you'll have our email where you can also send your questions over.

Can I Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?

Absolutely! You can do it at anytime, without any extra charges or taxes. After you cancel, you'll still have full access until the end of the month.

How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate Per Class?

In total, no longer thanone hour and a half. However, all classes are broken down into sections, both in video and in text, alllowing you to go at your own pace as you learn and implement these things.

Are The Classes In Video Format or Written?

Alll classes come in both mediums! Meaning that if you prefer to read, you have that option, and if you prefer a more visual experience, you can follow along the video. This is the case for both the class and the guidelines.




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