DESTROY your procrastination and unlock the path towards your FULL POTENTIAL


No matter how or why you've found this page... 

I wanted to thank you.


The simple fact that you’re reading these lines means that I have succeeded...


"Succeeded in what?" you might ask.


Let me explain, because I've been waiting for this moment for a long time...


And I wanted to make sure it’s the right time to do this...

You may know me as Gonçalo from the page @PathsOfMeaning where I share stoic advice to lead a healthier, more productive life.

Dear friend.

I've been a student of this philosophy for a long time now, applying it to my own life and seeing the amazing results it brought, not only me but also, all the other people I've been able to share it with.

From all this sharing there is ONE THING I've been able to learn:

All these bright, smart, hard-working people usually had exactly ONE problem in common: 

They all wanted to reach their full potential and get the feeling of excitement, passion, and energy that comes with it, however, they couldn't stick to their plan long enough to see

the results.


They knew the right thing to do, however, for some reason, they couldn't do it at all times.


Whether it was fitness, business, or relationship-wise, all their lives were not at the point where they'd like them to be.

They were all great individuals with a decent, comfortable life, however, despite that, they felt like there had to be something more to there was something missing...

They knew they weren't giving it their all.

They had a great plan, however, they just wouldn't follow it till the end.

And the reason this was so painful wasn't that they were lacking all these material achievements.


That wasn't the root of it.

At the end of the day, what most of them craved, was the meaning and fulfillment those things would bring.

They wanted something that mattered.

Something that made a difference in the world. Something that provided value to them and other people.

However, before they could get there, something like this would happen...


You've probably experienced it yourself:

1. You decide to change one area of your life.

2. You create a plan and start super motivated.

3. You attack the plan at 100%, working very long-days.

4. You fail to see results immediately.

5. All of a sudden, you start losing motivation.

6. You start to not follow the plan 100% anymore.

7. Eventually, you slack off and abandon the plan completely.

Think for a second, what would have happened if you did follow the plan to the end?

How would your life look like right now?


After high school, I knew the "normal" path wasn't for me.

You know: go to college, find a job, get married, buy a house, have 2 kids, and then, wait for death to arrive.

I knew there was more out there, so I went looking for it.

In the years that followed, I switched between career paths at an alarming rate. I worked as a concert photographer, I started and failed with businesses, I volunteered in Spain...

I even traveled the world working as a videographer for a dating coach, visiting more than 15 countries in the process.


I list all of those examples to show you that I have plenty of experience not committing to a plan until the end.

That is, until one day, when I was probably at the lowest point I've ever been:


Physically and mentally exhausted, heart-broken, and with less than $10 in my bank account.


It was at this moment that I had to ask myself:


"What would have happened if I followed any of the plans I set until the end?"


When I came to the conclusion, my heart sank.


Tears rushed down my face as I got overwhelmed with a mix of extreme happiness, but also, extreme sadness.

I realized that if I did follow any of those plans, my life would have been where I dreamt of it to be.

At first, this caused a lot of regret and pain, knowing that I could have avoided my situation at the time.


However, after those emotions calmed down I couldn't help but feel excited for what was to come. 


Now, I had found the key to fulfill my potential.


What followed was the least romantic story you've ever heard.

I decided that I had to commit to something long-term to really see the results I wanted, and so, I did.

@PathsOfMeaning is exactly that. A long-term effort, that once given enough time, was able to flourish.

To give you some perspective, on the 3rd month after starting we had 650 followers.

1 year later, the page sits at 78,000!

Now, along this journey, there have been a lot of ups and downs. I've wanted to quit and start something new more times than I can count.

However, I didn't.

And not because I'm special or have tons of discipline. I probably started at a worst point than you.

The only difference is that I also made it my life goal to find the best methods and strategies to structure a plan and follow it until the end.

This search lead me from online courses to ancient philosophy.


From youtube videos to thousand-year-old books.

Which leads us to the question you might be asking...


You basically have 2 options: You can go fast & reckless, or slow & disciplined.

But I would NOT recommend the first. Here's why...

Unsustainable: The work required will become overwhelming pretty fast, leading to you either quitting or giving up the rest of your life.

Cut Corners: Because you want to see results ASAP, it becomes very easy to give in to temptation and take paths that compromise your moral code.

No Results: Ironically, by trying too hard we will actually compromise our outcome. For most things, we must work, ofc, but then, we must also rest.

Bad-Habits: To deal with all the pressure we put on ourselves, it becomes necessary to find some escapes. Unfortunately, a lot of times, this will come in the form of substance abuse, binge-eating, and other damaging habits

Sustainable: Since you are taking a controlled approach, you ensure you can keep doing it for years to come.

Solid Foundation: Since you won't be rushing, you will have the time to build a solid base that won't crack under pressure.

High Results: Ironically, by going slower we'll actually achieve much more than by going fast.

We allow ourselves time to do the task at hand properly, which in turn, brings us the results we want.

FUN: Since you aren't dedicating your whole life to this one goal, you'll actually have time to go out with your friends, chill with your family, and even pick a new hobby if you want.




There's a lot of things one can do and thereby lots of confusion...

People tell you to try new planning methods, some "hacks" to stop procrastination, 5 step guides to be productive, etc... and yes, you could try all of these (I'll explain in a few seconds why you shouldn't, but more on that later.)

But you need to understand this: "There is no single secret to get you there!"

Sounds like common sense, doesn't it?


It does. But common sense isn't common practice, unfortunately.

So no matter what people are trying to get you into – if you are promised to fast and quick results – it's probably a scam and you should beware of such schemes.

Now, I assume you want to build something that lasts (hopefully) and something that's legit – and most importantly: Something that you can be proud of.

Good. We're on the same page then. So we know that in order to start going towards a goal, we need a plan.

But how can we plan?

Well, there are two main options to do so:

Either by focusing on the short-term or on the long-term.

While focusing on the short-term is usually more appealing and exciting, it very rarely works for anyone.


Results won't show up immediately 


We're so focused on the goal that we forget to enjoy the process, eventually, this leads to disappointment, which leads to us giving up completely.

And don't get me wrong, if you are the type of person who can keep this high-pace for a long time, always staying disciplined - then go ahead and experiment with that!

But most people, myself included, don't have this iron will to keep going no matter what when first starting out.

Despite being exciting at first, you've probably noticed that as soon as that excitement starts to fall, so does your commitment.

And despite being driven and ambitious, all of these efforts have one thing in common: 

They are trying to live up to a certain standard of work ethic, without taking into consideration who we are. (it's pretty ego-driven if you ask me.)

And here's the kicker: You DON'T need to go that INTENSE to get where you want...

So, instead of that, I recommend starting with a long-term plan and approach.

Whether for business, school, fitness, relationships, or self-improving.

The reason why this is so great is that by taking things at a methodical pace... Actually, more than just one reason:

1. You'll be able to improve in multiple areas of your life without ever burning out.

2. Since you aren't dependant on seeing results to keep going, you'll actually enjoy the process.

3. Not only will you enjoy the process, but soon enough, those results will sneak up on you. Much bigger results than you've seen before.

4. Finally, you'll actually have time to enjoy the rest of your life.

If this sounds too good to be true, just take my example. Following the "fast" approach I never made any progress in the gym, lost close to $200,000, and fucked up some of the best relationships of my life.

Since going slow and methodical, every single area of my life has not only improved for the best, but it has done so exponentially.

HUGE disclaimer though: This methodical approach can be equally as hard, or even more, without the right knowledge and experience.

Here are some of the biggest pitfalls:


Very rarely do we plan for the obstacles that will appear on the road.

By doing so, we are risking all of our progress.



In those days when we lack excitement, we tend to start looking for new things: workout routines, business plans, books, etc.

A lot of times this will lead to us trading our current goal for a more exciting one.

Since we are so used to wanting things quick and easy, it can be very appealing to say "fuck it" to this approach and go back to our old ways.




Those are but 3 of the things that can go wrong.

In reality, there are dozens of other factors, that if not dealt with, can spell the end of your quest.

From money set-backs to injuries, to getting sick, to family pressure, to whatever else may stand in our way.

Personally, I had to go through all of those without a clue on how to overcome them!

I had to research, talk to mentors, do more research, read a ton of books on the subject, followed by more research, to now reach a point where I can be comfortable with most of what life throws at me.

And while I'm grateful to have made it on the other end of all of this, I know how things could have gone south at any moment (and if you read my story, you know they did in the past).


So, my dear friend...

✔  If you've been looking for a way to finally commit to your goals...

✔  If you dream of a life where you take control of your future...

✔  If you have high aspirations but always failed to either make it or sustain it...

✔  If you struggle with creating a plan and staying disciplined with it...

✔  If you've already created that plan but are looking for methods and strategies to stay on track...

...then I might have something for you:





First of all, be aware: This is gonna be intense. I will invest a lot of time into this mentoring.

You must be willing to look at yourself in a critical light so that we can solve your problems.

I truly love to share the advice that has helped me turn my life around, however, I need to know that you are ready and committed to applying it to your own life.

And since there are only 5 spots, I wouldn't want you to not take the most you can out of it.

The good news is, I've already done most of the heavy lifting for you – you just need to execute on the advice.


I'm pretty sure you know I've got some following behind me and I'm honestly flattered and humbled to be influencing so many people!


And like I said, most of them are not just into becoming better versions of themselves. 


They actually are ready to take the next step and improve the core behind all their actions.


Therefore, most of them would certainly jump on this major opportunity as soon as they can.


At the same time, I know for a fact that this kind of mentoring can only work if my mentees have personal access to me, my resources and my input, so I can ensure actual results.


This also means that I can't help everybody. 


We are going to expect a huge demand for this mentoring so it will be necessary to apply for it.


I want to make sure that the people I pick for this program are highly committed action takers who are able to make decisions, willing to invest in themselves and wanting to create themselves a good life.

If this is what you're looking for, keep reading – you will find all the information about the mentoring program on this page!

This is the best way for you to shortcut all of the problems we talked about above.

For you to get the best results possible, the mentoring must be customized to you.

I need to understand your problems, your goals, and your personality.

Only after can we craft the most optimized plan possible.

However, because there is only so much time in a day, this mentoring will be exclusive to the first 5 people...


...that meet the requirements, of course

to your SUCCESS.



Weekly Training:

Every week we'll go over the next steps of your self-discipline journey. From creating a plan, to the methods to follow it, to how to deal with setbacks.

EVERYTHING is covered.

Zero-To-Hero Concept:

We designed the mentoring in a way that even absolute beginners could learn and implement these strategies

So don't worry if you have 0 discipline right now. 

This will guide you there.

Exclusive WhatsApp:

After each lesson, you'll have access to me via my personal WhatsApp, so any question you have during the week, I'll answer ASAP.

Access To The Vault:

Along with each-weeks lesson, you'll get access to my "vault". 

All the methods and strategies I've developed.

Winner Community:

Like attracts like. You’ll be in touch with other positive people that share the same drive and mission and are going to push you to the next level.

All You Can Ask:

To top it all off, since we are 1 on 1, you can ask me any questions you have, with no time limit.


Here’s the necessary CRITERIA for acceptance into the mentoring program:

Patience: You know that all that is worth achieving in life will take time. You're not looking for shortcuts or quick tracks to success.

Work Ethic: You don't dread hard work – quite the opposite– you actually enjoy the process of putting in the hours that are necessary to build your OWN LIFE.

Positive Energy: You have a positive outlook on life and are able to push through challenges whenever they occur - you stay focused and keep moving towards your goals.

​Complete Ownership: You understand that it’s YOUR LIFE you are responsible for and no matter what happens to you, there's at least 80% of things, thoughts and actions you can CONTROL.

What can the mentoring program help you with?

Fix Core Issues: We'll get to the core of which habits have stopped your success in the past and develop a personalized strategy for you to conquer them.

Stop Procrastination: On our path there, I'll share with you all my methods and strategies to remove procrastination from your life, ensuring your success in every other area.

10x Productivity: On top of that, we'll be going over how we can optimize our rituals and work, ensuring we get to the end line without unnecessary effort.


Fulfill Your Potential: As a result of all this, you'll have a blueprint you can follow to achieve your potential, in any area of your life.


1. You apply for the mentoring program.

The mentoring program is very intense – both in terms of time and in terms of action-taking. This means we can only select a handful of people that fit certain criteria. Therefore, in order to become a part of it, you need to apply for it.

I'll schedule a call to discuss with you what's your current situation, what's the things you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how I can help you bridge this gap.

2. We will hop on an assessment call

3. I will personally choose the people who get to join.

Once I get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, I will decide whether you get to join the mentoring program or not. No matter the outcome, you will receive feedback.


Let me get this straight: This mentoring program requires an active investment in yourself.

This is NOT one of these cheesy, tacky online courses that teaches you how to "stop procrastination ASAP"...

You'll be personally supervised by me to keep you accountable if you slack off, fall behind or don't apply what you’ve learned.

It literally "forces" you to take action and leaves no other choice than getting results.

And I designed it this way on purpose. – You want to know why?

Because this right here is FOR DOERS. I'd rather have a small group of action takers, than a whole bunch of lazy a**es who don't do sh*t.

So, should you qualify for the mentoring program and are accepted into it, then you will also meet a lot of other action takers that are striving for success and are pushing themselves to the next level.

Now, if you're somebody that fulfils these base requirements, then we can do a lot of great things together ;)

KEEP IN MIND: You have to act now!

I have set aside some time for you to talk about how you can become your own boss, break free from your bad-habits, define your success plan and finally achieve it!

But here's the catch: You gotta act now.

I can only accept 5 people. I'd rather close this mentorship to the public until I'm able to create new capacities again, before the quality of service goes down for our existing students.

However, the fact that you are able to read these lines, means that I still have some available seats open...

As you know, I got a decent amount of followers, so this can change radically in an instant – one shoutout on Instagram and we'll have to close applications again for a while.

Of course, we give smart people who already applied and made it through the application process priority over the latest ones wanting to join the program – first come first served.

So to raise your chances of being chosen, you should apply as early as you can.

If you're ready to take the next step, then click on the button below, fill out the application and follow further instructions. We will then contact you as soon as possible and give you feedback as to whether you are accepted into the program.


Be aware: There are a total of 10 spots available.

I can only select and accept a small group of highly committed people for the mentoring program. In order to join, you have to apply and see if you qualify.

Click on the button below to fill out your application:


Be aware: There are a total of 5 spots available.

I can only select and accept a small group of highly committed people for the mentoring program. In order to join, you have to apply and see if you qualify.

Click on the button below to fill out your application: